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Dylan Gutierrez
March 1, 2010, 6:05 pm
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Dylan Gutierrez from Joffrey Ballet is our new ‘on stage’ dancer. Dylan previously danced with the San Francisco Ballet before moving to Chicago to perform with The Joffrey Ballet.

en l’air: Besides ballet clothes, what’s in your locker or dance bag?

Dylan Gutierrez: My iphone, my wallet, my watch, and usually a pair of sunglasses
en l’air: What ballet schools did you attend and how long at each?
Dylan Gutierrez: I started out at my mothers ballet school the Los Angeles Ballet Academy, and I left at sixteen to train with the Royal Ballet School. I graduated after 2 years.
en l’air: What type of ballet shoe do you wear?
Dylan Gutierrez: I wear a leather wear moi, the leather is soft and breaks in really quickly.
en l’air: What is playing on your iPod right now?
DG: Right here by Erk Tha Jerk haha
en l’air: Do you have any embarrassing ballet moments?
DG: I did ABT’S Nutcracker when i was about 13 years old I did the Russian dance in the second act. There were 4 men including me and we came out onstage behind a HUGE russian doll. One day while we were in the wings i asked if we could move the russian doll a little bit forward so that i could properly fit behind the other men. After doing so we started the dance and the big russian doll started moving out onstage, but this time because it moved forward it hit the set peice in front of it knocking it over and nearly taking out clara and the prince (the prince played by sasha radetsky). The house lights had to come up and we had to start again. We brought the house down …. literally hahahah
en l’air: What’s the most memorable performance you have seen (not performed in)?
DG: My most memorable performance i have seen has to probably be…. when i saw the Batsheva Dance Company at the Met in New York the whole thing just blew my mind, it was so different and truly amazing.
en l’air: What’s the most memorable performance you have been in?
DG: The most memorable performance I have been in was my graduation performance from royal ballet school  at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden where I dance the Pas De Deux in David Bintley’s Gallantries and the Pas De Deux in Natlie Weir’s Unwritten.
en l’air: Do you have a pre-show ritual?
DG: not really.. i just eat and mess around with the gents/my friends.
en l’air: What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies?
DG:I make beats on my computer and i love to go out and have a good time with my friends. We like to get wild haha.
en l’air: If you were not a dancer, what else would you be doing?
DG: I would love to try and be a musician and learn how to properly produce music, it really interests me
en l’air: Do you have any advice for nonprofessional dancers?
DG:My advice for a non professional would be to have total confidence and beleif in their own potential and then working properly to reach that potential and sustain it. That is what I try to do I beleive in what i am able to do and i do not stop trying to improve it
en l’air: What is the absolute best thing about being in a company?
DG: The best thing about being in a Company is getting to do what I love every day and getting to meet great people and go great places.
en l’air: What is the hardest part of being a professional?
DG: dealing with pain, and dealing with pressure from an artistic staff and peers.