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Spencer Badesch
February 16, 2010, 7:11 pm
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This year is the first year of the Joffrey Ballet’s Academy of Dance. We asked Spencer Badesch, a trainee  with Academy of Dance, what it is like at the new school.

en l’air: Where are you from?

Spencer Badesch: I was born in Columbia, South Carolina. Grew up in West Palm Beach, Fl and went to high school at the North Carolina School of the Arts. I like to consider myself from North Carolina

en l’air: Schools you’ve attended?

Spencer Badesch: Academy of Ballet Florida, The North Carolina School of the Arts, The Washington Ballet School, and the Joffrey Academy of Dance

en l’air: How many years?

SB: Like ten years at Ballet Florida, 4 amazing years at NCSA, and a year at Washington Ballet

en l’air: Summer Programs?

SB: Ballet Austin, The Harid Conservatory, Houston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, ABT NYC

en l’air: What is your schedule like at Joffrey?

SB: Basic Day. Joffrey Ballet’s Trainees’ have class from 1 to 6 every weekday and 10 to 4 on Saturdays. We begin with techique class, followed by men’s class, partnering, contemporary, rehearsals, etc. The trainees take class with the company on a rotating schedule and when casted in a company production, rehearse with the company each day.

en l’air: Who are some of your teachers?

SB: At Joffrey we have Anna Reznik and Alexei Kremnev. The teachers that have meant the most to me are Donna Morgan, Christine Spizzo, Nina Danivola, Kee-Juan Han and Carlos Varcarcel. There is nothing better then finding a good teacher. My teachers not only taught me the fundementals of ballet, but also influced who I am as a person today.

en l’air: What is some repetory you have done this year in class? Unfortunately, I have spent the majority of this year sidelined by a knee injury. The Joffrey trainees get to learn tons of good rep. Once I get back to dancing, I hope to learn more Aprino ballets as well as anything classical.

en l’air: What is your Academic School status?

SB: I graduated North Carolina School of the Arts

en l’air: Favorite Male and Female dancer? Favorite male would probably be David Hallberg. His musicality, ability to make everything look so effortless, and the way be really becomes the chartacter he is portraying really make him stand out. Not of mention, he was blessed with a perfect ballet facility. I have many favorite female dancers! I love to watch anything Diana Vishneva dances. She is the definition of beauty. Also I really enjoy Tamara Rojo’s dancing. After I saw her dance MacMillian’s Manon this summer, I can’t get enough of her.

en l’air: Favorite ballet to watch?

SB:Classical.. it would be between Giselle and Romeo and Juliet. I also love to watch anything by Alonzo King or Jiri Kylian

en l’air: 6 Ballets you have to do before retiring?

SB: Albrecht in Giselle, Romeo and R&J, Siegfried in Swan Lake, anything by Alonzo King and Kylian, and many Chris Wheeldon ballets…

en l’air: Why do you like ballet?

SB: I feel free when I’m dancing, its so relaxing. I enjoy all the work that goes into making everything look effortless

en l’air: Most Played on your iPod recently?

SB: anything classical

en l’air: Things you like other than ballet?

SB: computers, politics, business, electronics

en l’air: What are you most looking forward to?

SB: hopefully joining a company soon

en l’air: Hardest part of being a student?

SB: dress code!

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I have seen Spencers talent on stage and off stage. He is dedicated, talented and a wonderful young man. He has given freely of his time and talent to help and inspire children in the community. A winning combination…………

Comment by Betty Brown

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